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  • 01.08.2011 - 01.03.2012
  • 01.08.2011
  • Asociația ArtImage Cluj-Napoca


"Carol Pop de Szathmari 200" International Anniversary Salon


Salonul Internațional de Fotografie "Carol Pop de Szathmari 200"


Salonul Internațional de Fotografie "Carol Pop de Szathmari 200"


Salonul Internațional de Fotografie "Carol Pop de Szathmari 200"

The results of the selection can be downloaded here.T hank you very much for your participation!
Sincere congratulations for the authors whose photographs have been accepted and awarded in the Salon. We invite you to see the exhibition between 11th-30th January 2012, in the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca.


         In 2012,  we celebrate 200 years from the birth of the romanian painter and photographer Carol Pop de Szathmari, the most important documentary researcher artist of the XIXth century.
         Carol Pop de Szathmari was born in 1812 as part of a artistocratic family. He enrolles the Protestant College in Cluj-Napoca, but shortly after he gives up the monastic life and religious studies. There are no written proofs to document other studies he had or how he started his artistic career. In 1835, he moves to Pesta, Hungary where he collaborates with the painter Anton Chladek. Spends the years 1839 – 1840 in Rome, Florence and Sorento, Italy, where he paints several copies after masterpieces exibited in italian museums, but also personal works: landscapes and portraits. He studies alot the domain and when he returns to Romania he is named as the royal painter at Alexandru Dimitrie Ghica’s manor.
        Gradually, the artist points his interest to photography – considered the most impressive invention of that century. The fast sketching tehnique the painter was using to grasp the moment became insufficient for his need to reproduce all the details of the subject, and photography came as a solution. The mechanic procedure through which an image was taken and multiplied for infinit times came as a inovation.
         As a documentary researcher artist,  Carol Pop de Szathmari distinguished himself during the Crimean’s War. In 1853 he took pictures of numerous soldiers at the war. Less known that the british Roger Fenton or the french Ernest Edouard de Caranza, Szathmari remains one of the prime war photographers in the world. In 1855 receives an award in Paris for all his works, at the universal exhibition.

         In order to commemorate this bicentennial, ArtImage Association Cluj-Napoca, expressed its intention to take over from the Municipial House of Culture Cluj-Napoca the „International Salon of Photography ”, which until 2006 was organized by „Napoca” Municipial PhotoClub. Through a partnership agreement was consented the inclusion of the Salon in the National Festival „Month of Photography in Romania”  and its organization in the Museum of Art Cluj, between january 11th and 30th 2012 under the High Patronage of FIAP and AAFR.