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Info eveniment:

  • 01.01.1970 - 01.01.1970
  • 15.05.2010
  • Biblioteca Județeană "Octavian Goga" Cluj-Napoca

Multimedia Show and Exhibition "Venetian Dream"

Venice is not a city, it’s a theatre scenery, it’s something unreal. It is a dream.

The ArtImage Association Cluj-Napoca invites you to experience the ‘Venetian dream’, through photography, music and Venetian athmosphere on Saturday 15th May at 19:30 hours in the lobby of the ‘Octavian Goga’ County Library.

Ada and Mircea Albu, Traian Andronic, Florin Lupșa, Ionuț Mocan, Costi Sălăgean, Oana Tărău from ArtImage, as well as Anca Nicoară, Monica Balog Bellu and Alin Petruș have contributed to a photo exhibition and a unique audio-visual show, offering all those who love beauty an unforgettable evening. Violonists Andrada Jucan and Ana Teodora Buia are going to add more charm to this evening.

Participation in this show is solely based on invitations. You can request them by writing to the artimage_cj@yahoo.com email address until 15th May, 12:00 hours.

The exhibition will stay open until 31st May 2010.