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About us

ArtImage Association from Cluj-Napoca is an non-profit organization, founded in 2006, whose central goal is the promotion of our community’s image and to make a contribution to the visual education of the youth.

We develop various programmes through which we try to initiate people into appreciating art, to facilitate learning photography and to offer them opportunities to promote themselves as artists.

These programmes are addressed to young people (16-45 years old), who we try to help and motivate to participate and to get involved as volunteers.      

This involvement has several benefits: free acces to our databases (information, materials, photographic catalogues etc), local, national and international promotion as photographers through different exhibitions, shows and contests, access to a fully equipped studio , bonuses at different workshops, courses, camps, photographic printings, materials etc. Also, they have several responsibilities, that are specified in our regulations: paying a modest fee, being actively involved in the activities developed by the Association, etc.

The most frecquent programmes develped by ArtImage Association:

Exhibitions. We have had a long-term partnership with the Octavian Goga Library from Cluj-Napoca. This partnership is beneficial for both parts: for us, it is a very special opportunity to have  1-2 exhibitions each month, where we promote artists from all over the country. For the library, it is an opportunity to bring more people into this cultural space and to have the lobby always animated with different photos. We have had up to 50 exhibitions so far, only in the library.

Also, through this partnership we have the opportunity to develop different other projects. An important one is the Visual Arts Library, unique in Transylvania, founded by ArtImage, with funds from AFCN, and with the support of the Goga Library. This Visual Arts Library lodges thousands of books, magazines, video materials, some in unique copies. The access to this Library is the same as to other sections of the Goga Library, but readers  can not take any publication home.

The School of Photography. Currently, at its 16th edition, the school of photography was initiated a long time ago by the president of ArtImage, ing. Albu Mircea, afiap. Together with other 3 photographers he sustains every edition along 3 or 4 months of theory and practice. Every series organizes an exhibition at the end, that celebrates the graduation, and every participant gets a diploma that certifies their calification. Although is a course for beginners, many people come to take part in it, because it is a great opportunity to mingle with people who share your interests, to compare your photos and to receive valuable feedback on them.

Multimedia Shows. Although exhibitions are great, the combination of photography, music, poetry or theatre has a greater impact on the public. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 we had 5 big shows on different themes: Autumn, Eminescu’s poetry, Venice, etc.

Workshops. Through this type of activity we offer participants the opportunity to learn photography by practicing it, mostly out in nature.

International trips for members. In the last 3 years we combined our efforts to take our volunteers on photographic trips to different international locations like Venice, Italy and Rimini, Italy.

People who want to join our Association have to provide a CV and a portofolio, and then to pass an interview with two of our leaders.

Our activities are promoted on our website: www.art-image.ro , but people can find us on facebook as well, and on our partners' webpages
www.bjc.ro (Goga Library)